One Phone System. Three Delivery Models. You Choose...

On-premise telephone deployments provide a level of security and assurance that has been difficult to relinquish among IT administrators. However, the scalability of virtual phone systems delivered completely via the cloud is too enticing to pass up. So what are administrators and business owners to do with so many options? Enter ShoreTel Connect. This cutting edge hybrid model allows the flexibility and convenience of a hosted model with the security and reliability of traditional on-premises systems. ShoreTel Connect: an easy-to-use communications platform that works as hard and fast as you do. 

ShoreTel Connect


Owner maintains and controls the system

ShoreTel Connect


Cloud and onsite deployment features

ShoreTel Connect


Fully hosted UCaaS

ShoreTel Connect Desktop Client

Unique Common Platform, User Experience for Cloud, Onsite and Hybrid Unified Communications.

Let's talk user experience. After all, a phone system is only as good as the user adoption levels correct? No matter how strategic an architecture design is or even how reliable the system is in general, if your end users can't use the system, no one is going to be happy. The new ShoreTel Connect Phone System provides one, easy to use, intuitive experience for every user, on every device, from any location. Let's start by taking a look at the desktop client as it appears after start up and through expansion. 

ShoreTel Connect Director

Simple System Administration that adds to Your Bottom Line.

ShoreTel Connect Director platform delivers a unique system management control experience, allowing administrators to control all phones, permissions, applications, trunks and voice switches from a simple interface. ShoreTel Director is a browser-based network management tool that provides a single management interface for voice and collaboration applications across all locations. Instead of using separate management systems for multiple PBX, voicemail and automated attendant systems, ShoreTel Director makes it extremely easy and intuitive with its all-in-one approach.

ShoreTel System Architecture

ShoreTel Voice Appliances

The ShoreTel Phone System is designed for simplicity and scalability.  ShoreTel appliances are the core of the ShoreTel system, running Linux or VXWorks, they are solid state with a mean time between failure of better than 13 years.  Each appliance provides a certain number of IP resources, allowing you to connect to carrier phone lines, IP phones, analog devices and overhead paging.  The capacity of each appliance ranges between 30-500 users on a 1U half-width device. The ShoreTel appliances can be added at anytime allowing our clients to grow from 5-20,000 users without a hardware upgrade.  By providing an additional spare appliance anywhere on the network, if an appliance fails, the phones automatically register to the spare appliance creating seamless failover. 

Optional Tool Sets


ShoreTel's design grants clients flexibility to deploy the advanced feature sets on-demand with appliances, stand-alone servers or in a VSphere in environment.  ShoreTel Mobility, the software enabling smart phone users full desktop functionality with an app, is an example of an add-on component you may consider. The Collaboration appliance/server gives users the ability to Instant Message with other users and provide audio and web conferencing.  This platform is deployed at no cost on a VSphere cluster giving users IM out of the box, the web/audio conferencing is a low-cost license by a concurrent port usage.  A relatively new add-on is the Edge Gateway, allowing both phones and ShoreTel Connect Software users to work anywhere they have internet connectivity.  The Edge Gateway uses WEB RTC to launch VPN tunnels to the core system.

Key Benefits and Features

  • Mobility – Stay connected anywhere with ShoreTel Mobility, an application that gives mobile workers the same dynamic features they’ll find in the office, available on their mobile device

  • Presence – Allow end users to see who is available, on a call, in a meeting, or out of the office

  • Instant Message – Improve efficiency and collaboration with intuitive IM features

  • Conferencing – Brilliantly simple solutions for web and audio conferencing make collaboration stress-free

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